30 July 2014

Quotes from "Enemy of the Bane"

Clyde: That's Mrs Wormwood. I thought you said she was an ugly bug eyed squid thing.
Mrs. Wormwood: Children, they have no respect.

Rani: You mean the government's known about aliens all this time? Ever since Roswell? All they've been doing is lying to us?
Sarah Jane: Hardly since Roswell. Queen Victoria knew about aliens.
Rani: I bet she wasn't amused!
Sarah Jane: No, I don't think she was.

Sarah Jane: Mrs. Wormwood. Still hiding out in factories, I see?
Mrs. Wormwood: Sarah Jane Smith. Still involving children in your dangerous games.

Mrs Wormwood: We Bane have a saying, the sweetest delicacy is the tongue of an enemy that has looked at you and licked his lips
Clyde: I am now officially a vegetarian.

Major Kilburn: With respect, Sir Alistair, UNIT has had to adapt to the challenges of a more hostile Universe.
The Brigadier: In my day we took on Daleks, Cybermen, Autons, Zygons, all manner of space thuggery and it doesn't get more hostile than that.

Gita: Haven't you been in my shop?
Miss Wormwood: No, I despise flowers.

(Luke talks about his dream of Miss Wormwood appearing in his room)
Sarah Jane: It was just a dream.
Luke: But I don't dream. I never have.

Sarah Jane: She thinks kidnapping Luke will stop me coming after her. If she thinks that, then Mrs. Wormwood really doesn't understand motherhood!

Mrs. Wormwood: This is it. The resting place of Horath. The birthplace of a new galactic eon: The age of Wormwood!
Kaagh: And Kaagh.
Mrs. Wormwood: If you really want the empire to sound like a firm of solicitors.

Kaagh: No one comes between a Sontaran warrior and his prize of vengeance.
Mrs Wormwood: Except you're no longer a warrior, are you? "Kaagh the Slayer"? Kaagh the shambles, more like.

Mrs Wormwood: The age of Wormwood approaches.

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