13 November 2013

Quotes from "The New World"

Esther: The paramedics, they said he didn't stand a chance.
Dr. Vera Juarez: Looks like someone changed the rules. Miracles got... easy. It's not just Rex who's still alive. It's everyone else.

Oswald: I can guarantee, Mr. Peterssen, that when I talk of lawyers, I mean the team who will be suing the Governor. And I mean the Governor himself, not his office, but the actual man. They will be suing him for wrongful imprisonment. And I promise you that they will sue his ass to high heaven, 'til angels sing songs of him in their laments.

Rex: Do I get better? Do I heal? Do I just hurt for the rest of my life? Because of this thing keeps going, the rest of my life is for forever, right?
Dr. Vera Juarez: Rex, now listen to me. Because you might want to take something into consideration. Maybe you were lucky. You should have died last night. But when this... thing happened, the miracle, it gave me time to fix you. Without the miracle, you'd be dead.
Rex: It's like someone cast a spell on the whole world. But what happens when it stops? What happens to me then? Do I die?

Esther: Oh my God. Is he going to die?
Jack: Don't worry about it. No one dies these days.

Geraint Cooper: There she is. Princess.
Mary Cooper: Look at her, love. She's huge.
Gwen: She's perfectly normal, Mum.
Mary Cooper: But you've been frugal. What you feeding her, lard?
Gwen: Yes, Mum. I'm feeding her lard. Keep telling her that and by the time she's 13, she'll have a complete psychological complex.

Rex: And what the hell is this bridge? The Severn Bridge?
Esther: It connects England to Wales.
Rex: You mean Wales is separate? Uh. It's like the British equivalent of New Jersey.

Gwen: So much for tying him up.
Rhys: I've never tied up a person.
Gwen: Men are good at knots. How many times have you told me that?
Rhys: Yeah, at Christmas.
Rex: Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey. I had a pole through my chest. I was dead, then I wasn't. I had to pay for this bridge. And now I want to know what the hell is going on, all right? Because I was dead and now I'm not.

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