02 September 2013

Season 5 Episode 8: The Hungry Earth

The Doctor wants to take Amy and Rory to Rio but instead they land in Wales in 2020. When he sees a big drill, he and Amy go off to investigate. Rory wants to follow them after he has put Amy's engagement ring into the Tardis but when he gets out Ambrose and her son think he's a policeman. He goes with them to look at a empty grave that has been emptied from below. Amy and the Doctor discover that someone vanished from the mine the night before and now there is a patch of earth in the floor. The drill is started again and it seems that the ground is fighting back. When the Doctor, Amy and the two workers from the mine try to flee, Amy is sucked into the ground. Suddenly there is a shield over the village and they all can't leave. Something is coming up to the surface and when it gets dark Ambrose's son vanishes as well. The Doctor and Rory can capture one of these beings and the Doctor now knows that they are Silurians. He goes under the earth to find the rest of them but what will he find?

I really love the Silurians. They just look amazing when they don't wear their battle masks and it's interesting to see how human they are. The first part of this two-parter starts really interesting and the way the people go missing, including Amy, is a bit spooky and you really don't know what happened with them. Then you see the Silurians for the first time and you think they are aliens but it's so strange to hear that they come from Earth as well. They were sleeping all this time and were now woken up by the drill. The Doctor is on a quest to bring Amy back and he will do anything to find her. He wouldn't be the Doctor though when he would use weapons. The Doctor always tries to talk to other beings and we will see if he succeeds this time as well. I think it's a cute seen when Rory leaves the ring in the Tardis and maybe that will play a role later on. A great first part of this two-parter.

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