18 March 2013

Christmas Special: The Next Doctor

The Doctor lands in London in 1851 ad finds himself right in the Christmas spirit when he hears a woman calling his name. Soon he finds out that the woman didn't call him but another man who says he is the Doctor. To unravel this secret and also different deaths he follows the next Doctor. It seems that the Cybermen are in London but it's not really clear what they want or how they came here. While the Doctor investigates the strange happenings with the other Doctor, he finds out that the other man is human with the information of himself in his head. Together they find the place where the Cybermen bring all the children who shall work for them. The Cybermen turn Mrs Hartigan into a Cyberking but they haven't expected that she would be stronger as they are and now she has the intelligence of the Cybermen and the feelings of a human. The Doctor and his companions are able to save the children before they are killed and the Doctor faces Mrs Hartigan. He gives her a chance to retreat to another planet but when she refuses he does what he has to do to save London and the people.

"The Next Doctor" is a great Christmas Special and for a time you don't really now if you see a future Doctor or not because he so much like the Doctor himself. I liked the Cybermen in this episode and how they tried to take over London. Mrs Hartigan is quite spooky as Cyberking because she still has all her emotions which is not normal for the Cybermen. In the end the Doctor doesn't kill her but she destroys herself. It just isn't like the Doctor to kill someone and he gives everybody a chance. The Doctor is lonely again in this Christmas Special after he had to wipe Donna's memory. He seems to be a bit sad again but he finds a great companion in Jackson and it's so lovely to see them go together for a Christmas dinner at the end. The special effects are amazing again, especially when you look at the Cyberking. The episode has a lovely Christmas feeling and it definitely doesn't lack the action you expect from Doctor Who.

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