29 April 2015

Quotes from "The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot"

(Peter, Colin and Sylvestor are protesting outside the BBC Television Centre as John walks by with shopping)
John Barrowman: Hi Peter.
Peter Davison: Hi John. (John walks past before returning)
John Barrowman: You know they film in Cardiff, don't you?

Georgia Moffett: I know, I know, but Dad said if you'll do this one last thing, then he'll stop calling us.
David Tennant: Okay! Okay! Okay! Okay! I'll do it. I'll do it. I'll do it, but I've gotta do it now. I've got to be back on set in five minutes. Okay, call you later. (Hangs up phone)
Georgia Moffett: One more... oh. Never mind. (Looks at phone, then at an oxygen mask near her face)
David Tennant: (to himself) Something I meant to ask her about. (Shakes head, walks off)
Maternity Nurse: And... PUSH!
Georgia Moffett: (SCREAMS)

Peter Davison: Okay, I've got a call from my contact. I know the filming dates, and I've got a plan.
Colin Baker: Your contact? Who is this contact?
Peter Davison: Well, I've picked up a lot of contacts over the years.
Sylvester McCoy: Oh, I've picked up quite a few contacts while filming "The Hobbit".
Peter Davison: Anyway, my contact...
Colin Baker: (Interrupting) This "contact" wouldn't have a Scottish accent and be married to your daughter, would he?
Peter Davison: Now you see, I can't reveal that.

Colin Baker: You really are from another planet, you know that?
Peter Davison: This is not the REAL TARDIS.
Colin Baker: REALLY?
Sylvester McCoy: I'd like to go home now.
Peter Davison: Plan B!

Paul McGann: Whatever it is you're planning, I'm in.
(Peter, Colin, and Sylvester look up and smile at Paul)
Paul McGann: Work permitting, obviously.

Peter Davison: Right. Let's go.
Sylvester McCoy: Hang on. One thing: WHY are we doing this?
Colin Baker: Why?
Sylvester McCoy: Well, I've traveled 12,000 miles to get here, I'm in breach of contract, my film career's in tatters, and for what?
Colin Baker: He's right. What is the point? Why are we doing all of this?
Peter Davison: (pauses for a moment to think) For the fans.
Colin Baker: Of course. For the fans!
Sylvester McCoy: Right! For the fans! Let's go!

Colin Baker: (Holds up a copy of Doctor Who: Vengeance on Varos, then places it in the DVD player) Ta-da! One of my best, you will love it! Many say it's a classic. Bought, of course, to replace the one that strangely went missing. Great news, though. This one has extra features! EVEN MORE OF ME!
(Sits down on sofa, then addresses his family, who have been clamoring at the front door)
Colin Baker: You're wasting your time! I've locked all of the doors!

Sylvester McCoy: What do you think he's doing?
Colin Baker: Reading a script. He's always reading scripts. And filming. Always filming.
Sylvester McCoy: It's probably for TV. I mean, who wants to do TV? It's not like it's a motion picture.
Colin Baker: Oh, shut up!

Sylvester McCoy: Do you think we should call Tom?
Colin Baker: Call Tom?
Peter Davison: Why?
Sylvester McCoy: Well, he might want to join the team.
Colin Baker: Tom?
Peter Davison: Well, you call him then.
Sylvester McCoy: Oh no, I don't think I should call him.
Peter Davison: Well, it's your brilliant idea!
Colin Baker: Oh, for heaven's sake! I've eaten possum's anus on live television. Couldn't be worse than that. I'LL call him!

Sylvester McCoy: Oh to hell with it. Let's live dangerously!

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