07 January 2015

Quotes from "Robot of Sherwood" (Part 2)

Robin Hood: Splendid. In chains.
Clara: Yep.
Robin Hood: Trussed up like oxen. Thanks to your friend.
The Doctor: Shut it, hoodie. I saved your life.
Robin Hood: I had the situation well in hand.
The Doctor: Long-haired ninny versus robot killer knights. I know where I'd put my money.
Robin Hood: If you had not betrayed me, I would have been triumphant.
The Doctor: You would have been a little puff of smoke and ashes.
Robin Hood: Ha!
The Doctor: You would have been floating around in tiny little laughing bits, in people's goblets.

The Doctor: Guards! He's laughing again. You can't keep me locked up with a laughing person.
Robin Hood: I find that quite funny. Do you know, I feel another laugh coming on. A-ha-ha-ha!
The Doctor: Guards, I cannot remain in this cell! Execute me now!

Robin Hood: I'll tell you one thing. I'd last a lot longer than this dessicated man-crow.
The Doctor: Really?
Robin Hood: Really.
The Doctor: Well, you know what? I think you'll find I have a certain genetic advantage.
Clara: It is not a competition about who can die slower.
The Doctor: But it definitely would be me, though, wouldn't it?

Clara: Your plan.
Robin Hood: I am... biding my time.
Clara: Thank you, Prince of Thieves. Last of the Time Lords?
The Doctor: Yes, I have a plan.
Clara: Can you explain your plan without using the word "sonic screwdriver"? Because you might have forgotten the Sheriff of Nottingham has taken your screwdriver. Just saying. It's always the screwdriver.

Robin Hood: Now what?
The Doctor: First the blacksmith's forge.
Robin Hood: So as to remove our chains?
The Doctor: No. So I can knock up an ornamental plant stand. Of course it's so we can get rid of our chains! I don't want to be manacled to you all night. (Robin laughs) Oh, please, please don't do that.
Robin Hood: "Ornamental plant stand."
The Doctor: It's not even that funny.
Robin Hood: You're an amusing jokester.

Sheriff of Nottingham: You are indeed an ingenious fellow, Doctor. But do you really think your peasant's revolt can stop me?
The Doctor: I rather think you're the revolting one around here.

The Doctor: He's a legend!
Robin Hood: Too kind. And this legend has not come alone.
Clara: Hi-ya!

Robin Hood: So, is it true?
The Doctor: Is what true?
Robin Hood: That in the future I'm forgotten as a real man, only as a legend.
The Doctor: I'm afraid it is.
Robin Hood: Good. History is a burden. Stories can make us fly.
The Doctor: I'm still having a little trouble believing yours.
Robin Hood: Why? Is it difficult to credit that a man born into wealth and privilege should find the plight of the oppressed and weak too much to bear?
The Doctor: No...
Robin Hood: Until one night he is moved to steal a TARDIS and fly among the stars fighting the good fight.

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