19 November 2014

Quotes from "Sky"

Sarah Jane Smith: (Finding a baby on her doorstep) What the- (Searches around her house for someone before taking the baby inside. To the infant...) Why would anyone leave you on a stranger's doorstep? (The infant starts to cry, causing a power outage in the neighborhood.)

(Sarah Jane and Rani run after a man in the junkyard)
Professor Rivers: Wait for me! I'm in Wellingtons!

Rani Chandra: (On the phone) They're still not answering.
Sarah Jane Smith: Come on! (To Rivers) Thank you, Celeste!
Professor Rivers: My pleasure! Oh, and be careful.
Sarah Jane Smith: Never careful. (Whips out her sonic lipstick) Always prepared!
(Sarah Jane and Rani leave as Professor Rivers take her own lipstick out) 
Professor Rivers: Zap! Zap, zap!

Miss Myers: My name is Miss Myers.
Clyde Langer: That doesn't sound like much of an alien name.
Miss Myers: We don't spell it the same way.

Sarah Jane: After all my adventures, the last thing I expected was a family. And that's been the most amazing adventure of all.

Sarah Jane: Is there anything more beautiful then a star-filled sky? As a child, I would dream of what might be up there, but never imagined that one day I might find out. The fiery rings of Colabria, interstellar lightning across the Vohiden horizon. I've seen the death of worlds and the birth of stars. so many wonderful sights, and things to terrify, even here on Earth, because, although it's easy to forget, we're a part of the universe too, and we're really not alone. Sometimes, the most amazing people and creatures can find their way to Earth, and so can the most terrifying.

Sarah Jane: Old investigative reporter's superstition; Never break in the same way twice.

Sarah Jane: The most wonderful thing about the universe is that there's always something more amazing to come.

Sarah Jane: Of all the terrible things I've seen, I've never known anything as hideous as using a child as a bomb!

Mr Smith: Biologically, Sky appears to be a healthy twelve-year-old child.
Sky: Twelve? Is that a good age?
Rani: Well, until the spots start

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