12 November 2014

Quotes from "Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith"

Rani: When was the last time you took a holiday? A proper holiday?
Sarah Jane: Oh no, I love my work! I don't need one.
Rani: When was the last time?
Sarah Jane: Look, I can't put a sign on the dark side of the moon: "Ooh no, don't invade this week, 'cause old Smith, she's on her hols"!

Mr Smith: So, I take it the combined effects of myself and K9 were satisfactory?
Sarah Jane: You called him K9.
Mr Smith: He's not so bad after all. I've met worse.
K9: It is an equitable arrangement.
Clyde: Get a room, boys.

Ruby: I need to feed. I can't help the way I am.
Sarah Jane: Yeah, but you didn't have to enjoy it so much.

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