01 October 2014

Quotes from "The Vault of Secrets"

Rani: Why would aliens keep newspaper clippings about UFOs?
Clyde: ETs with big egos?

Ocean Waters: We're BURPSS.
Sarah Jane: Ooh. Well, better out then in, they say.

Gita: These are my my friends, Ocean and Minty.
Clyde: Sounds like a type of toothpaste.

Androvax: Somewhere there is a new planet for the Veil, a new home. It is the legacy of Androvax: A new beginning, a second genesis. 

(Androvax takes over Sarah Jane's body)
Androvax: Hello again, old friend.

Gita: My dreams are never normally this exciting, except when George Clooney pops round for tea!

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