30 April 2014

Quotes from "Eye of the Gorgon"

Sister Helena: I'd shut up if I were you, or the Abbess will show you her idea of solving a problem like Maria.

Clyde: Listen Luke, when weirdo nuns turns up on your doorstep asking about freaky glowing alien gizmo's, one thing you never do... is tell them you've got one.

Sarah Jane: So, no obvious reason for the home to be haunted by a nun, then?
Mr. Smith: I assume that by haunting you mean the projection of energies imprinted on psychic assimilating matter?
Sarah Jane: Obviously.
Clyde: Come again?
Sarah Jane: Events get recorded on their surroundings, then under certain circumstances they get played back.

Bea: You're the boy in the window.
Luke: My name's Luke, we were visiting Mrs. Randall. She says this place is haunted by a nun, have you seen her?
Bea: Yes I have, and she's no ghost. There's something different about you, oh don't be afraid it's all right I've seen alie..ahh, unusual people before. Perhaps you can help me.

Maria: She was lucky to have Edgar, wasn't she?
Sarah Jane: I suppose she was.
Maria: Don't you ever wish you had found someone special to share it all with?
Sarah Jane: Oh, I think I have. For the second time.

Sister Helena: We will be at peace everlasting! And you shall be our Queen. To receive the Gorgon, do not look into its eyes, Miss Smith. To do so will turn you to stone.
Sarah Jane: I'd rather be a lump of granite than bow down to that thing!

Alan: Pity really. I think I'd look good as one of those Greek statues. (He posses like The Thinker)
Maria: I prefer you the way you are.

Luke: (after surveying a garden of statues) It's killed all these people and put them on show like trophies.
Clyde: Or a warning, and I'm taking it. Let's get out of here.

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