08 January 2014

Quotes from "The Gathering"

Rhys: Oh, and Iris Price called by. She was looking for painkillers.
Gwen: She gets a bloody headache and expects to go to the top of the list. Tell her she can have them if she pays double.
Rhys: That's the same policy as PhiCorp.
Gwen: Thanks for that. Thanks a lot.

Rex: Sir, I should tell you that smoking is still illegal inside.
Allen Shapiro: It can't kill you. Not anymore.
Rex: But they still haven't changed the building's insurance.
Allen Shapiro: Insurance companies went bust along with half the Western world. Oh, did I tell you? Gas allowances have been halved. You are way over limit.

Rex: For the past two months, every move we make we get blocked.
Allen Shapiro: Yeah, well, I wish it were me. Then you could shoot me and I could sleep.
Rex: Yeah, I'd like that very much, sir.

Allen Shapiro: The latest from the White House is that they're gonna stop all immigration. China closed its borders, now we're gonna do the same. Every passing day we are taking one step closer to a dictatorship. And we don't even know who the real dictators are.

Gwen: I want to ask one thing first. At your trial, you said about that girl, "she should should have run faster. Did you really say that?
Oswald: Yes I did.
Gwen: Right, okay. 'Cause let me tell you, Oswald, I used to be a policewoman and I worked with pedophiles and murderers, and God help me, I saw men so alone and damned and wretched. But that's not you. That's nothing like you. Because for the first time in my life, I've met a monster. Is that clear?
Oswald: I feel very special. And well said.

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