26 December 2012

Christmas Special: The Snowmen

Clara works as a waitress in a pub and when she goes out a snowman appears suddenly. The Doctor walks past but he isn't very interested in the snowman. Somehow Clara is really fascinated by him and follows the Doctor's coach. They encounter the snowmen again but when Clara envisions them melting, they really do. The Doctor tries to erase her memory of the events but he isn't able to do so, so he just puts her in his coach and Strax should bring her home. Clara still follows him and there she sees the Tardis on a cloud. The next morning she returns to her duties as a governess but something strange happens on the grounds of Captain Lattimer's house. There is a pond that is still frozen where the old governess died. Clara tries to find the Doctor again but Jenny finds her first and brings her to Madame Vastra where she has to answer some question why the Doctor should help her. It seems that Clara has found the exact right word and soon the Doctor is back in the game. The old governess appears again as an ice woman who is wanted by Dr Simeon. Can the Doctor save the world from ice people and more important, can he save Clara?

I think this really was a great Christmas Special. It gave me some of the Christmas feelings with the snow and everything that I miss in reality. Yes, I know the snow was an alien life form but it looked pretty nonetheless. Vastra, Jenny and Strax are a brilliant trio and it's just great to see them all together. Strax is just funny in an unintentional way and he often makes you smile. We've met Clara before as a Dalek but after this Christmas Special it's still not clear who she really is. I think this puzzle is also the reason why the Doctor starts to travel again after the loss of the Ponds. Vastra, Jenny and Strax tried their best to keep him company but he needed Clara to get him out of his Scrooge mood. The Snowmen are really terrifying and maybe we will see them again in the future because the Doctor hasn't really defeated them in the end. The Great Intelligence is still out there somewhere and it probably wasn't the last time we have encountered it. Well, you can argue about the new design of the Tardis as well. I don't know what to think about it right now because it looks so totally different than before but I guess I'll get used to it. It has a kind of modern touch to it now and some parts look a bit futuristic. I'm really looking forward to the rest of series 7 and I want to know what the mystery behind Clara is.
You can watch the episode online here.

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