11 June 2014

Quotes from "Secrets of the Stars"

Martin: Some years ago, you travelled far and wide. And oh, the things you have seen! There was a man, a very special man. No, no, let me think. It wasn't a romance, no, it was something much, much more than that. He taught you so much. There was laughter and adventure, and you prayed that your time with him would never, ever end. But then suddenly he left you. The man was lonely. A scientist? No, a doctor. The Doctor. Am I right?
Sarah Jane: Yes you are, but tell me right now, how do you know that?
Martin: It's all in your stars! And there's Jupiter in your 12th house. You are the keeper of secrets!
Sarah Jane: If you're so clever, tell me about the future.
Martin: If you want, but oh, I'm afraid Saturn is transecting Taurus. You have fought many battles in your life, you're about to fight another, but this time it will be different. This time Sarah Jane, you lose.

Sarah Jane: I can't even have one night out without something weird happening.

Martin Trueman: You really think anything up there has any influence down here?

Rani: Come on, Clyde, everyone checks their stars. I'm Aries, confident, a great leader. What sign are you?
Clyde: Look I'm not getting into this.
Luke: His birthday's June the 5th.
Rani: Right. Gemini. Funny, popular.
Clyde: Oh yeah? There is something in it.
Rani: Lazy, shallow.
Clyde: There you see, it's rubbish.

Mr Smith: Nothing is happening, nothing is happening...
Truman: Welcome to the new world.
Mr Smith: Nothing is happening, nothing is happening...
Clyde: Sarah Jane you must be destroyed.
(Clyde raises his hand it starts to glow) 
Mr Smith: Nothing is happening, nothing is happening...

Clyde: I'm sorry Sarah Jane that you've pushed me to destroy you.
Luke: No Clyde, this is not you.

Clyde: Oh no no no! Trueman's knicked my mobile! I've got no mobile! I'm nobody! I'm no-one! I don't exist! It's a social disaster.

Rani: Have you made an appointment?
Sarah Jane: Oh no, this is going to be an old-fashioned foot-in-the-door job.
Rani: Need another pair of feet?

Martin: How have you done this?
Luke: I wasn't born. I have no birthday.
Clyde: No star sign.
Luke: So astrology doesn't work on me. The circle was like an electrical circuit. I broke it.
Rani: Like you did before, you touched Clyde. It shorted the power!
Martin: What are you?
Sarah Jane: He's my son, and he's the centre of my universe.

Sarah Jane: Clyde, you know me, I am never going to submit. I am going to fight this thing, send it back and if I have to, I'll destroy it.

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